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Create DateMay 15, 2012


KcRssScroller is a news-ticker style RSS Joomla 2.5 module that scrolls the text horizontally from an RSS feed. It is easy to customize and style just the way you want it..


  • Horizontal scrolling
  • Control the number of feed items
  • Change the item seperator character
  • Scrolling speed adjustment
  • Display the title only or the title AND description
  • Truncate the description
  • Style it easily with a custom CSS class

Custom Styling

The pretext div container has a class name of "pretext", while the feed items themselves uses the div class "content". So to create a custom CSS styling for it you can use hierarchical CSS (e.g. .kcrssscroller .pretext{ }).


*** New in 0.1.1 ***

  • Added parameter to specify number of items to display.
  • Added parameter to change the item seperator.